Professional Development Event

My first professional development event was the Careers in Corporate Finance and Accounting Panel held on September 16th in Driscoll Hall. The panelists included Taryn Safrin(a Senior Finance Manager for Bank of America), Marissa Tilton (Assistant VP at Barclays), Bob Lamina (CFO at a Boeing Philadelphia Site), Bill McBride (a Senior Manager of Financial Planning for Campbells Soup), Michael Van Dyke (Regionals Sales Executive at Rolls Royce) and Brian McDougall (Senior Director of Loval Digital for Univision).

All of the companies talked about the various opportunities their companies offered for rotational programs. McDougall in particular commented on his firm’s (Univision) opportunities and stressed how helpful they were in terms of spending time with and building relationships with the firm’s management. Also, he said the programs would provide broad exposure to the whole program in general.

The companies also talked about the importance of networking. They all stressed the importance of doing your own networking and to be proactive in trying to find a mentor. The panel was in agreement that the people who searched for their own opportunities in the business world would be the most successful.

Also important is the ability to be mobile. McBride talked about how it was important to expand your comfort zone and be open to the idea of traveling for the company. Safrin (of BOA) talked about how her company was a global company and so, it would be important for employees to be able to go wherever the company needed.

The companies listed skills needed for college students to be successful in the business world. They include an inquisitive nature, a balance between overzealousness and willingness, knowledge of Excel, and an ability to work hard with a passion. 



I enjoyed the event. It gave me a new perspective on working in the business world as this was my one of my first experiences hearing from real world employees. Once again, I was reminded of how important it is to have a global mindset in this world. Most of the panelists talked about how important mobility is and that makes sense as the world is moving towards a global mindset. Also, I now understand how important it is to have experience before applying for a job, meaning internships and work experience are invaluable. I am now much more open to becoming involved on campus.  The event was well conducted and the facilitator asked excellent questions.




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